Dr. Lissauer is an oculoplastic surgeon with a practice dedicated to the rejuvenation of the area surrounding the eyes. This includes procedures to not just address basic aging of the eyelids and face, but also enhancement of the shape and position of the eyelids. This includes expertise in Cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery. Dr. Lissauer’s training in ophthalmology and plastic surgery make him skilled in this area.

Dr. Lissauer’s training and understanding of the Asian eyelid allows him to address the size and shape of the eye, position of the upper eyelid crease, position of the crease by the nose (epicanthal fold), and other variations and distinctions that make Asian eyelid surgery uniquely different from Western eyelid surgery.

About Cosmetic Asian Eyelid Surgery

The most commonly performed Asian eyelid plastic surgery is double eyelid surgery. The procedure is designed to create or enhance the upper eyelid crease, the natural fold above the upper eyelashes. There is great variability in the eyelid crease and the primary goal of double eyelid surgery is to create a new crease or enhance a poorly defined or asymmetric crease. Skin and fat removal are minimal, and, in many cases, no fat is removed at all.

Other cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures are available to enhance ones appearance depending on the desired result. An in-depth consultation with Dr. Lissauer will help to determine what cosmetic improvements are recommended.

How is cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery performed?

Dr. Lissauer performs cosmetic Asian eyelid surgery as an outpatient procedure at The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York, with local sedation administered by an anesthesiologist. The patient is awake but relaxed and the procedure is painless. Generally the procedure is about one to two hours depending on if other procedures are performed simultaneously.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lissauer regarding cosmetic eyelid surgery, please contact our New York office at: 212-717-2150 for an appointment.