What is Oculofacial Plastic Surgery?

Training in oculofacial plastic surgery requires a one-year internship in surgery, a three-year residency in ophthalmology, and a two-year fellowship in oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Fellowship training is devoted to mastering the techniques and principles of oculofacial plastic surgery. This requires additional training with general plastic surgery, dermatology, otolaryngology and cosmetic/aesthetic plastic surgery. These fellowships are limited throughout the country and are governed by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Certification in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Certification in oculofacial plastic surgery is administered by The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In addition to completing the six years of post-doctoral training above, fellowship in the Society requires a physician to complete a peer-reviewed thesis, and pass a written and oral examination. This rigorous training produces some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the world, and makes sure that the surgeon you are seeing is properly credentialed, experienced, and qualified.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

  • Health Insurance Card & Information
  • A Doctor’s referral
  • Completed “Patient Registration Forms”
  • List of all medications you are taking
  • XRay, CTScan, MRIs

What Hospitals are you affiliated with?

  • Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital
  • Lenox Hill Hospital
  • New York University School of Medicine
  • New York Eye & Ear Infirmary

Who should I call in an emergency?

Our medical staff can be reached after hours at 212-717-2150